SQL-database-specific object editing mechanism

Package Contents
        __init__ -- SQL-database-specific object editing mechanism
_postgresql (package) -- Base code for PostgreSQL database drivers
dbapiadapter -- wxoo.table adapter for DB-API databases
dbconnection -- Wrapper for connection objects which retain access to driver
dbcursor -- Cursor object which retains link to connection object
dbdriver -- Base class for database driver implementations
dbproperty -- Property object using dbschema.FieldSchema for definition
dbresultset -- Thick wrapper around a pytable cursor with a result-set
dbrow -- Basic Object-Relational-like Database Row class
dbschema -- Data-description of table structure
dbspecifier -- Class specifying parameters for a database connection
dbspecifierwizard -- (incomplete) wxPython wizard for DBSpecifier setup
defaultdrivers -- Import packages for all default DBDrivers
lazyresultset -- Lazy-load result-set (cursor-wrapper) for DB-API cursors
mk (package) -- Metakit database driver
mysql (package) -- MySQLdb-based DBAPI 2.0 database driver
psycopg (package) -- psycopg-compatible DBAPI 2.0 database driver
pypgsql (package) -- PyPgSQL-based DBAPI 2.0 database driver
schemabuilder -- Convenience module for manually creating schemas
sqlgeneration -- Mechanisms for generating SQL from DBSchema objects
sqlquery -- Callable query objects for SQL databases
sqlutils -- A few simple SQL-code manipulation functions
tests (package)
viewschema -- (incomplete) Schemas describing query/view structures
xmlgeneration -- Generate XML database schema from live DBSchema

        __path__ = [r'p:\table\pytable']